Kazakh brick is the oldest type of traditional brick that can be proved by relying on countless historical monuments left from the Sassanid period, such as Isfahan Grand Mosque, Ardestan Grand Mosque, Gonbad Kavous and.. This product is produced in the same way as traditional hand-made ovens, which will not reduce its very high strength and durability, so that it has a very high resistance to weathering and breakage due to lateral pressures.

To have a very beautiful and uniform traditional facade, it is necessary to do the wall fastening at the end of the porcelain wall work. Closing is generally the task of accepting local expansion and contraction of the surface and explanation in a completely uniform manner in the facade of the building. At the same time, by blocking the wall, you have prevented snow and dust from entering the rainwater, and finally the penetration of moisture and humidity into the inner membrane of the wall.

    1. It is interesting to know that according to research conducted by the Sangaj team, today about 60% of those who are building or buying a property tend to perform their building facade in the traditional way. This is because due to our rich culture and originality, the performance of such traditional scenes will evoke a special peace for us.

      This type of traditional facade is not possible except with the use of traditional Kazakh facade bricks. Therefore, Sangaj Engineering Group, offering a variety of traditional Kazakh bricks in very beautiful colors, will accompany you, dear compatriots, in order to perform a traditional and eye-catching facade. This brick is very suitable for making traditional facades due to its production method, dimensions, resistance to harmful environmental factors, and most importantly, its very beautiful appearance. Traditional brick facade using Kazakh brick Due to the naturalness of the product, its beautiful and unique texture, simplicity and beauty that it gives appearance, it is widely used in the construction industry, including facade execution, traditional and classic flooring. It is also very popular in traditional facade construction outside the building. In addition, such bricks have a reasonable price, the implementation of which will not be associated with excessive costs. For more detailed information about the price of traditional Kazakh bricks, please refer to the relevant link, and for more details on how to build a porcelain wall using such bricks, read this article to the end.

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