Today, in the construction industry, it is important to pay attention to the quality and price of raw materials. One of the most important elements in this field is brick or pottery brick. Before doing anything to reduce current and future costs, it is better to first know the price and dimensions of ceramic bricks available in the market. You can contact our consultants for more information.

One of the characteristics of a good clay brick is that it has a one-handed appearance without cracks. It should also have edges and corners with right angles. There are several important points to consider when buying fortune-telling bricks. Since there are various sizes of pottery bricks on the market, you need to specify the actual size of your product so that you can get the right approximate number to use. To load the clay bricks, you must also pay attention to how many of these products fit in the device. Because the cost of extra load is very high.

The most widely used dimensions of pottery bricks for exterior walls are 20x20x20 and 15x20x20. Of course, in the market, the size of this pottery brick is one to two centimeters smaller. To use clay bricks in wet or very dry areas, we suggest you use foam clay bricks that are available in dimensions 15x20x20, 20x20x20 and 15x38x20.
It is also recommended for the inner walls of pottery bricks with dimensions of 10 cm and 8 cm blades. If you have limited space, you can use 7 cm or even 5.5 cm clay tiles. This brick is a product of pottery brick factories in Isfahan, which is a suitable alternative to 5.5 cm Lefton brick.
Isfahan pottery brick has two quality grades that the use of second grade pottery brick of this product is not recommended in wet and rainy areas. This is due to the rapid dandruff in the presence of rain and moisture. Apart from that, second-class products do not have full dimensions, and their lower price than the first-class type does not justify its economic justification and is not affordable.
It is recommended to use expert advice to be careful and save on future expenses and prepare cheap clay bricks for your type of work.

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