The rocks of this group have quartz to the extent of feldspar with different cements (siliceous, calcareous, clay and iron oxide) which are welded together and become a solid rock. Conglomerates if they are thick and elements and The parts of the conglomerates should be calcareous and the cement and its matrix should be cement of the same lime material and the stone should have a suitable color. It will be an ideal conglomerate for decorative purposes.

In addition to the above factors, technical factors such as topography of the mining area (postal status and elevations of the region), how to achieve the cataclysm, identification and determination of existing joints and fractures, deposit blocking, mine quality and materials in terms of uniformity and Mine reserves are also effective in mining decorative stones.

In general, decorative stones and limestone are divided into travertine, marble, marble, porcelain and crystal.
Classification of stones based on their cutting and processing
The classification of building stones according to the criteria of cutting and processing is as follows:

Soft materials: These materials are easily cut with a saw (like all carbonate stones)
Semi-hard materials: These materials are cut to some extent with saws (like all external and internal igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks)
Of course, in addition to cutting stones, their processing is also one of the basic factors that must be considered.

The purpose is to use facade stones in decoration and beautification, so it is necessary that the selected stone is appropriate to the environmental conditions of the site to in addition to prolonging the life of the stone, prevent its premature destruction and maintain its facade and beauty.

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