Damirchi Industrial Group is able to providing a complete range of machinery for producing various types of carbonated beverages, syrups, juices, non-alcoholic drinks, mineral water, diet soft drinks and fruit drinks. The selection of optimal materials with a high percentage of quality has provided the necessary fields for the production of high quality products at Damirchi Industrial Company.

The priorities of the Damirchi Industrial Company are the use of modern, integrated and interconnected production lines, optimal production performance with high product quality, minimum waste production, and the lowest consumption of water and energy. These factors reduce the final cost of production and increase the quality of guaranteed products.

All the processes of the juice production line, including isometric design – piping, detail design and project control are carried out by experienced engineers, resulting in providing access to all components of the design and products of each section of the juice production line.

The special design of production line enables you to achieve the maximum variety of production and the ability to quickly change the type of product with minimum waste and best quality.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment

For Fruit Juice Production Line

  1. RO Water system
  2. water storage tank
  3. (syrup mixing tank (three-shell
  4. (screw lift for transferring sugar (three blender
  5. (Mechanical filter (transparency
  6. Pasteurizer
  7. syrup storage tank
  8. three way transferring Concentrate (automatic discharge, jack pallet, condenser pump)
  9. (Concentrate dilution tank turbo mixer)
  10. Syrup mixing with diluted concentrate tank
  11. Homogenizer
  12. two-shell storage tank
  13. (Three-stage pasteurization with holding (if there is a pulp, use a tube converter
  14. Concentrate Filtration
  15. Injection of gas as needed (Inter Mix and Premix) Premier Mix is more advanced
  16. Storage tanks in case of gas injection
  17. Filling Machine (Three-Block) Washing, Filling, Packing
  18. Pasteurizer tunnel
  19. CIP unit
  20. packing



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