Combining a traditional brick facade with a modern brick facade and creating a special yet attractive facade has become a concern and even a challenge today. The diverse world of traditional facade bricks has enabled you, dear ones, to create a very special facade for your building with only a creative combination. In such a way that the beauty and charm of the exterior of your building informs the tastes of the people inside the building. This type of facade, which can be executed using traditional facade bricks, in addition to being new, creates nostalgic feeling, creates encouragement and a sense of security in the viewer’s eyes. The use of traditional brick, in addition to not being blown, has a durable color and texture and can be applied in designs and types of Chinese bricks, and is considered as one of the superior advantages of this brick. Stay with us.

As we have mentioned, making modern brick facades using traditional bricks has become a challenge today. Because the number of people who are in favor of modern and classic views together is increasing.

    1. Dry view

      Dry façade is a method of building façade that is used instead of building mortar for bonding between components of metal fittings and equipment. For example, to connect clay, stone and brick panels, equipment called rails, screws and… are used. Needless to say, the dry system consists of thermal insulation, retaining frame, ventilation space, fittings, clay panels, and so on.

      Execution of facade with cement mortar

      The use of cement mortar is a method that has been common since time immemorial. A method that will be performed only by combining cement and water and without the need for a specialized but skilled force. Disadvantages of this method are time consuming, the possibility of dirty dirt from the slurry and construction debris.

      Execution of the facade using glue

      The special adhesive for wall facade, having elastic properties among the texture of wall components, will vibrate the wall and prevent it from breaking and collapsing. Only when using this product, be careful to use cement plaster before using the adhesive, while making sure that the adhesive is spread on the whole surface, because the presence of pores between the tissues causes water, moisture and air to penetrate into Between texture and damage to the structure.

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