Edible oil

Edible oils are one of the most important materials used in cooking, which their daily application rate is very high in the world. For this reason, the edible oil industry is one of the most important industries in the world today.

In Iran, edible oil has a special position and is considered to be the primary material of many other industries. Oil production capacity in the country currently exceeds 3 million tons per year, but the country’s consumption rate by 1396 was 1.5 million tons per year, reaching 1 million 700 thousand tons this year.

The consumption of various edible oils in the country has a very long history. According to statistics, various oils are very important in the consumer basket for folk. Undoubtedly, production with the use of technologies and up-to-date machinery, offers a higher quality product. This will be followed by the consumer’s satisfaction with the oil in terms of cooking, aroma, color and taste.

Damirchi Industrial Company, with its unique capabilities in the field of design and engineering, and the use of experienced experts and most upgraded machines in the world today, is able to make a full line of oil production and refining, and also degumming, bleaching, winterizing and deodorizing.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment 

For Edible Oil Industry

Deodorization unit                                                                         Bleaching and Degumming unit                                    Refining and degumming Unit
enter feed tank                                                                              Inlet oil tank                                                                     feed tank before feed tank
enter oil tank                                                                                  oil steam exchanger                                                       raw oil tank
enter feed pump                                                                            oil-oil exchanger                                                             inlet pump
Filter bags                                                                                      Citric acid , Phosphoric acid tank                                  filter
continuous deodorization two-shell                                             Acid pump Dosing                                                          Economizer
Permanent deodorization discharge pump                                 Oil acid mixer                                                                  Oil steam heat exchanger
Primer water cooler converter oil                                                 vacuum dryer                                                                  Degumming Mixer for phosphoric acid
Outlet Oil filter Bag                                                                        Hopper Bleaching soil                                                     Degumming tank of phosphoric acid solution
Primer water cooler converter oil                                                 Soil injection system                                                      Acid transfer pump
Fatty acid scrubber                                                                       Silos under the AMA filter                                               Sodium hydroxide transfer pump
Soil homogenizer mixer tank                                                        Bleacher machine                                                           Sodium hydroxide-Residue acid-residue tank
Vacuum system                                                                            Oil transfer pump to filter                                               Sodium hydroxide tank
hot oil Fluid heat exchanger                                                         Barometric Condenser                                                    Hot Water Transfer Pump
Instrumentation                                                                             AMA filter                                                                        Hot water tank
inlet oil pump                                                                                 Aeration filter tank                                                          Mixer
Bleaching oil pump                                                                       Neutralization separator
under vacuum tank with filter                                                       Soap mixing tank
Polishing filter                                                                               Oil steam heat exchanger
pre-coat tank                                                                                 Collecting pump
Pump Replacement Filters                                                           Dryer oil pump
Oil collection pump                                                                       Vacuum System Condenser
Vacuum jet ejectors
Citric acid tank
Oil return tank



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