The dairy industry, with about $ 7 billion in turnover, accounts for about 1.75% of the country’s GDP. The investments made in this industry are based on the natural resources of the country; therefore, the dairy industry is one of those parts of the country’s economy, which will continue to grow steadily, despite all the problems. The dairy industry in every country is important because of the direct relationship with the health of the people. In Iran, this industry is always under the banner of experts in the food industry. The study of this important food industry shows that dairy producers have entered the market in recent years, which has been welcomed by the general public.

Damirchi Industrial Company is able to design and manufacture complete dairy lines including cheese, dough, yogurt, etc., which has high efficiency, reduces losses and consumes energy and produces finest quality products.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment 

For Types of Dairy Production Line

Units for receiving, controlling and storing milk units

Flow Meter

Cooler plate

de-aeration unit


Raw milk storage tank

Receiving Centrifuge pump

standardization Machinery unit




Three blender

Production Machinery unit

Tank for pasteurized milk

Process tank

Mixing tank

Salt water tank



Washing and disinfection unit machines

CIP unit

Machine connecting lines


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