Among the top features of the products of Dimirchi Industries Co., the high quality of the machines due to the use of knowledge and technology globally

Damirchi Industrial Group, established its continuous and valuable work with the aim of improving the quality level and standards of operation in the field of designing, manufacturing, installing and setting up machinery and equipment in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Damirchi Industrial Group considers all technical engineering principles in design, manufacturing, developing and commissioning in its management of projects in order to implement its high quality infrastructure and facilities in the industries


Damirchi Industrial Co., with more than half a century valuable experience in designing and manufacturing various storage tanks, processes and under pressure to increase the facilities and production of factories, and complete the devices and provide effective up-to-date technology, is ready to cooperate with national and international companies. The production of all types of single, double and triple shell stainless steel tanks with different usage and facilities as requested by customers…
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Pharmaceutical and sanitary

The modern pharmaceutical science dates back to 110 years ago and its entry into Iran was about 7 decades ago, and currently there are about 110 pharmaceutical manufacturing units in Iran. Drug use in emerging countries, especially in Asia, has been rising due to the rapid population growth because of the reduction in infant mortality rates, increased longevity and improved access to health care systems, increased health subsidies and rising incomes…
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Food Industry

Food has long been considered as the most basic human need and, like other industries, changes have taken place with the arrival of machinery for its production and the development of technology and accelerating the growth of science. Food and beverage products can be found among the high value-added industries. The field of activity, which owns a share of 5% of the share of 33% of industrial output and 24.5% of the value added in the first…

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We will continue to lead the way in using the latest technologies and processes in the market. Since the food and drink industry is quite dynamic, and there are always innovations (equipment and even final products), we are always flexible in terms of attractive and innovative changes to monitor the market and the presence of the latest technology.