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Damirchi Industrial Group established continuous activity and value creation in order to improve the quality level and the executive standards in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of food, pharmaceutical and chemical machinery. Damirchi Industrial Group activities in the field of food processing machinery include of edible oil production line, paste and sauce production line, dairy production line, chips and Olivier production line, beverage production line, etc. Damirchi Industrial Group, drawing on over 40 years of brilliant experience as well as executing and launching hundreds of successful projects at home and abroad, designs and executes industrial projects from start to finish. This team strives to provide the best possible service to those on the production path, taking into account the technical engineering principles at all stages of the design, construction, development and implementation of the food industry.

خط تولید روغن

oil production lines

Damirchi Industrial Group, with its unique design and engineering capabilities, uses the world’s most sophisticated machinery as the first and only company able of producing edible oil production lines in Iran. Manufacturing of the oil production line, oil purification, gumming, neutralizing, dyeing, wintering and deodorizing processes are among the activities of the Damirchi group. Damirchi partnership with Desmet as the largest oil machine manufacture has made the company’s projects of the highest quality available to artisans.

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One of the most important activities of the Damirchi Group is the design and construction of the tanks. Design and manufacture of single layer stainless steel tanks (for storage of edible oils, water and beverages, chemicals, etc.), two layers tanks (as milk tank, feeder, juice, chemicals, etc.), triple layer (for process milk) These activities include ice cream, processed milk, malt processing, etc.), aseptic stainless steel,, reactor, ISO tank. This group offers different types of repositories according to the client in the shortest time and the highest quality.

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صنایع دارویی

pharmaceutical and health product line

Damirchi Industrial Group is one of the pioneers in providing various devices and equipment’s for pharmaceutical and health product line in Iran. Damirchi Group offers craftsmen all kinds of machinery needed in these industries using highest technologies in the highest quality. The team is always striving to deliver its products with a variety of development modules, distinctive technical services and reasonable prices, in line with global standards and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical and health care machinery. These products include various types of storage tanks and raw materials, etc.

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our partners

Damirchi Industrial Group is working with the best food and pharma manufacturing companies in the world to increase the efficiency of its projects. Damirchi collaboration with these collections, which are among the most well-known companies in their field, has enhanced the quality of the projects, increased the satisfaction of artisan with Damirchi products and lines. Damirchi Group’s exclusive cooperation with Desmet Company as one of the largest oil industry giants has enabled Damirchi to be the first and only of oil production capacity manufacture in Iran. Below are some of the colleagues from the Damirchi Industrial Group

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