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Damirchi Industrial Group toward using technology and advancements cooperated with the best reputable European food industry companies. This issue with the benefits of novel hardware’s and the recruitment of specialized and trained personnel in every part of food industry leads to increase customer satisfaction with the products of this authentic Iranian brand. Following are some of the most remarkable European companies that collaborate with this company in various sectors of food industry:


Processing equipment for the oils and fats industry

Complete turnkey crystallisation plants, CIP Plants, pasteurisation units, remelt units, control systems

The Polaron series comprises high pressure equipment for your margarine production

  • The Polaron pump
  • The scraped surface heat exchanger Polaron for CO2, NH3 and Freon
  • The Polaron pin rotor machine and plasticator

Examples of products that you can manufacture on the Polaron machines:

  • table margarine
  • puff pastry margarine
  • shortening
  • ghee
  • anhydrous milk fat
  • low fat butter

Sharplex Filters

With a rich experience of 12 years of working with the largest engineering establishment, (i.e. Larsen & Toubro Ltd.) .It has introduced Process Filtration Equipment which are mainly import substitute to Edible Oil, Chemical, Pharma, Fertilizer Industries.


  • Vertical pressure leaf filter
  • Horizontal pressure leaf filter
  • Filter elements
  • Molten sulfur filters
  • Pulse jet candle filter
  • Polishing filters
  • Tubular centrifuge
  • Rotary brush strainer(RBS)
  • Pneumatic disc filters(SFC)
  • Horizontal plate closed filter
  • Circular vibro screens
  • Auto backwash filter
  • DE filtration for oilfield operation


LITEQ provides complete processing lines, machinery and equipment for the chocolate industry, biscuit and chocolate bars and covered bonbons (confectionery) in Brazil and South America. Our goal is finding solutions to make our customer’s work easier, helping them in the development of new products, as well as in the rationalization of their production processes. 


LITEQ strives for excellence in after-sales services, to provide customers with flexible and tailor-made solutions, adaptable to any need. Regardless of geographical location, service is guaranteed, fast and efficient anytime, anywhere.


STM Group

STM offers complete lines for filling industry- we deliver excellent quality tailored TURNKEY solutions due to nearly 40 years of expertise in the fields of the blow molding industry, filling industry and production automation. Our products speak for themselves-every day worldwide hundreds of thousands of pet bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans and pet cans run through our filling lines. As a complete lines suppliers, STM supplies beverage bottlers, breweries as well as food producers from all over the world with the very individual approach to our clients and their projects whether or not it is about individual machines or complete production lines. STM is an expert in designing and implementing complete filling lines that include every single step of the manufacturing process starting from production of the container or depalletization, filling product, labelling and dating, packaging and palletizing the product.

ATT Inox Drain

ATT Inox Drain company is a team of engineers who combine their knowledge and enthusiasm with long-term creativity and experience. The combination of these features makes the projects unique. Comprehension of technical knowledge of construction and realities of the industry enables them to tailor complex solutions to individual customer needs. ATT, a leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel elements, is mainly in the drainage system. All actions of this company are based on the following principles: Permanent and high quality of products and services, continuous development, expanding product range with timely guarantee and delivery. The company is active in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and a wide range of construction, installation and commissioning industries. The company operates internationally in Europe, Asia, US and Australia. 


Recognizing the needs of its customers, this company provides a wide range of up-to-date technologies worldwide. WATER SYSTEMS Group manufactures all its machinery and apparatus in all fields, including water treatment systems, pasteurization equipment, etc.The philosophy of the company is based on the design and engineering of products to meet the needs of beverage production based on the latest standards, better product quality, energy saving, confidence making, process hygiene and maximum efficiency. The services of this company are as follows:

  • Design and manufacture of water treatment line
  • Design and manufacture of sugar dissolution system line
  • Design and manufacture of concentrate preparation equipment
  • Design and manufacture of SYRUP storage equipment
  • Design and manufacture of OZONIZING WATER machines
  • Design and manufacture of control and automation line of software engineering


ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Company, with 165 years of experience, is one of the world’s oldest company in the development, manufacture and installation of stainless steel tanks. Zeimann is one of the largest manufacturers of custom machinery for the design and manufacture of the non-alcoholic beverage production line and Brew House line. Always relying on experience and the technical expertise of our engineers, the team has been providing dedicated services and solutions of the highest quality, reliability and capability in worldwide. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Group of Companies, is one of the largest international suppliers of process tanks and technologies. The company’s engineers and specialists are constantly lookout for new technology solutions and are developing technical equipment for modern and efficient factories. Ziemann is active in various sectors of the food industry, including the edible oil, dairy, beverage and chemical industries.

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