Ice cream

Although many inventors have been struggling for their inventions and innovations for a long time, which naturally should be the same, there are also some devices and innovations that have been completely accidentally invented and whose inventors attempt to invent other things or was researching on other subjects. Ice cream is one of the most delicious meals.

Perhaps it can be said that the history of ice cream production in Iran was about 60 years ago, but in the 1330s and ’40s ice cream sales were officially found. The Ice Creams, called Alaska and Escimo, were first tested in Azerbaijan province, but were not welcomed. The industry then entered Tehran, and the Ice Cream Factory began working on ice cream around Park-e shahr area. However, the history of ice cream machinery came back to the late 40’s. At that time, along with the ice cream, they also made Falloodeh. The full-automatic production line is now being manufactured in Iran and is responsive to the needs of the internal and even other countries.

The process of ice cream design can be divided into seven stages: raw materials feeding and storage, material mixing, homogenization and pasteurization, treating based on aging durability, the addition of flavors and continuous freezing, packaging and, at last final freezing. The three-line processing is also designed for ice cream, which two lines of its, consisting of processes performed in aging tanks for primary products.

There is a group of ice creams that are produced without the need for aging tanks. These machines are specifically designed to produce ice cream to ensure the quality of the finished product. The production line is based on the type of process, the characteristics of the finished product, the type of packaging, the level of automation and other parameters affecting the quality of life and the product delivery system is different. .

Damirchi Industrial Co. is able to provide a complete range of ice cream machines including automatic fancy and wooden ice cream machines, packaging machines, freezers, filling machines, freezing tunnels, and taking into account the design, construction and installation offers the most ideal system for you.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment 

For Ice-cream Production Line

Units for receiving, controlling and storing milk machinery units

Flow Meter

Cooler plate

de-aeration unit


Raw milk storage tank

Receiving Centrifuge pump

standardization Machinery unit




Three blender


Production Machinery unit

Syrup process tanks


Heater plate

Cooler plate

Aging tank

Freezer Packing



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