Providing nutritional needs of human societies is one of the problems because of growth population, facing especially in developing countries. Today, the culture of the use of ready-made foods has grown as a result of changing the context of community life and new eating habits. More than 60% of European food baskets are prepared by cold foods. Ready-to-eat foods (such as Olivier salad, chicken salad, corn salad and macaroni salad) are growing as a new consumption pattern in our country. Changing the social and economic conditions of the country encourages people to eat foods that require the least time to prepare. In summary, the profitability of this production line is directly related to its production capacity.

The Olivier Salad, known as the Russian Salad in Europe and Latin America, is one of the most famous cold appetizers in the nineteenth century created by the French chef of the Hermitage Restaurant Lucien Olivier in Moscow, and gradually developed in Russia, European countries, and many other countries and reached fans from around the world. Today, prepared foods, such as Olivier, are an integral part of modern cities. Easy access, broad dissemination and low prices play an important role in expanding the use of these foods.

At Damirchi Industrial Company, all devices have warranty and after-sales service. Also, the machinery are made of stainless steel, which is easy to rinse and is made to require minimal repairs.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment

For Olivier Production Line

  1. Potato Lifting and Washing System
  2. ( Roller peeling machine ( abrasion peeling
  3. (Roller revision device (Separating corrupt potatoes
  4. (Rolling machine equipped with washing system ( transfer potatoes to slider
  5. (Slice machine (optional potato crusher
  6. (Drum starch getting machine (cold/ hot
  7.  net-like tank for watering product
  8. Two-way cutting table for chicken
  9. Herbs cleaning table
  10.  Net-like washing herbs tank
  11. Autoclave and curing under vacuum and steam pressure
  12. (Oliver mixer (two-shell
  13. packing


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