1. The wall is always one of the main elements of the building, which is vertical and has a continuous and integrated structure. Not all walls in a building have the same function. Usually, the wall in the structure plays the three roles of separating the spaces from each other, bearing the applied load and creating a protection or fence around the place, which according to the type of structural role, its construction must be done according to certain principles. New types of building walls are divided based on three criteria of structural performance and building materials:

Brick can be considered as one of the cheapest and most durable materials used in wall construction. Similarly, pottery brick is a product that has many applications in wall construction. Its common dimensions are 10 cm pottery bricks and 15 cm pottery bricks that you have to prepare to build a wall. For this purpose, to receive details of the price of Tehran pottery bricks, refer to the relevant link.

Insulation wall

As its name implies, this structure has the task of preventing the entry of sound, heat and cold. Again, in this category, various types, including moisture and heat insulation wall, will be included.

Moisture insulating wall

Generally, a structure absorbs rainwater or snow on one side and soil moisture on three sides. For this reason, it is necessary to insulate the upper parts of the wall to maintain the strength of the building and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Heat insulation wall

Reducing energy consumption has become another controversial topic these days. Especially that in order to protect the environment, measures have been taken by craftsmen. In this regard, this building structure can be used both from inside (using polystyrene, rock wool or glass wool) or from outside (using light concrete blocks, building materials with air middle layer or industrial prefabricated walls). Insulated face work.

Sound insulation wall

Sound insulation, which is one of the most important insulations. In addition, sound insulation is used for structures such as cinema amphitheaters and. Halls. Rock wool and fiberglass are commonly used as sound insulation.

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