Aseptic Tank

In sterilization process, “Aseptic” means “No Contact with Surrounding”. In aseptic tank, this undesired contact is prohibited by exertion a stream of pressurized sterile air on milk. Thus, in case of any possible leakage in tank the flow will be outward. Aseptic tank works as a pulsation dampener which alleviates any possible disparity between supplied milk by sterilizer and demanded milk from the filler. 

Working Principles

A complete operational cycle of aseptic tanks starts with Sterilization In-Place (SIP). Sterilization of aseptic tank is performed using direct use of live steam at 125°C for 30 minutes. After sterilization, the body of the tank should be cooled down slowly to prohibit any negative impact on the final product. To do so, a very mild flow of soft water will be injected in cooling jacket of the aseptic tank. In the early seconds of this cooling step, a great share of the injected soft water will change to steam and will leave the jacket. In order to prevent any vacuum formation in tank during cooling process, pressurized aseptic air will be used. 

This automatically controlled aseptic air, not only alleviates possibility of vacuum formation and preserves the aseptic condition, but also provides the pressure required for sending the product to the aseptic fillers as well. More than this, steam barriers provided in cluster valves make a sterile envelope against diffusion of any contamination. Aseptic tank is equipped with an agitator to keep the emulsion in product during buffering. Soaking of this agitator in cleaning solutions during CIP is of prime importance. In case of any unexpected power failure, all steam, air and vent valves will block the passage using their normal position; this helps tank to keep the sterile condition for a couple of hours. After the production sequence, tank should be cleaned with dedicated CIP center and will be waiting for the next production plan.

Dimensions and Capacity

 Volume (Lit)

 A Maximum diameter (mm)

B Maximum height  (mm)

 C (mm)


















Specifications of septic tank components

Cluster Value

Body of the Aseptic Tank

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Septic tank

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