Food Industry

Food has long been considered as the most basic human need and, like other industries, changes have taken place with the arrival of machinery for its production and the development of technology and accelerating the growth of science. Food and beverage products can be found among the high value-added industries. The field of activity, which owns a share of 5% of the share of 33% of industrial output and 24.5% of the value added in the first development plan, has become the most important industrial activity in the country. The food industry is the main lever in determining the pattern of consumption of the population and its health, and is one of the major production areas that provides the bulk of domestic needs and also responds to the needs of some foreign markets.

Damirchi Industrial Co., as its main field of activity over the past decades, has set itself the mission of producing the most up-to-date and high quality machinery in the food industry. Good and reliable operation of machinery, high technology and innovation, with commitment and responsibility for timely delivery of machinery to customers, are the priorities of Damirchi Industrial Company.





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