The modern pharmaceutical science dates back to 110 years ago and its entry into Iran was about 7 decades ago, and currently there are about 110 pharmaceutical manufacturing units in Iran. Drug use in emerging countries, especially in Asia, has been rising due to the rapid population growth because of the reduction in infant mortality rates, increased longevity and improved access to health care systems, increased health subsidies and rising incomes.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. The steady growth trend, coupled with negligible fluctuations, are the main characteristics of this industry segment. Increasing population growth has led the industry to growth, along with the basic need for health care for people. In the current state of the country, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most successful industries in the country, and it can continue its path by creating low-end industries and enjoying the technology of the day and optimizing the machinery.

Damirchi Industrial Company is able to provide a variety of devices and equipment used in the pharmaceutical and health industries with high technology and quality and stable hardware, compliance with global health standards, variety of development modules, reasonable prices and distinct technical services. Iran is a major market for pharmaceuticals in the region, and has made significant progress in this regard, as compared to developing countries. Compliance with all standards and regulatory requirements related to pharmaceutical and health machinery has always been always observed in the company.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment 

For Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Fermenter
  2. Fermenter Seed
  3. Biomass Mixer Tank
  4. Additive storage tank
  5. Pharmaceutical storage tank
  6. Antifoam Tank
  7. Floating storage tank
  8. Bach tank
  9. Bio-reactor
  10. CIP unit
  11. SIP unit
  12. Skid filter
  13. Moving tank
  14. Moving Mixer tank
  15. Medicinal Pipping


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