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Damirchi Industrial Group is able to providing a complete range of machinery for producing various types of carbonated beverages, syrups, juices, non-alcoholic drinks, mineral water, diet soft drinks and fruit drinks. The selection of optimal materials with a high percentage of quality has provided the necessary fields for the production of high quality products at Damirchi Industrial Company.

The priorities of the Damirchi Industrial Company are the use of modern, integrated and interconnected production lines, optimal production performance with high product quality, minimum waste production, and the lowest consumption of water and energy. These factors reduce the final cost of production and increase the quality of guaranteed products.

All the processes of the juice production line, including isometric design – piping, detail design and project control are carried out by experienced engineers, resulting in providing access to all components of the design and products of each section of the juice production line.

The special design of production line enables you to achieve the maximum variety of production and the ability to quickly change the type of product with minimum waste and best quality.

Chips & Snacks

We are interested in chips that have a regular shape and not to be broken up. One of the most lucrative and high-quality products in the agricultural industry is potato. With the advent of societies and the emergence of new technologies in the food industry, tremendous changes were made in the processing of this product from different angles. In the design of this device, one of the most important issues is the discussion of standard and output quality in the field of potato chips. The parts used in the machinery of this company are the best and highest quality on the market. In the production of potato chips, a variety of flavors can also be used. The flavors used varies according to market requirements.

In the full line of potato chips production and packaging, all stages of the production and packaging of potato chips are done entirely automatically. The steps in the production line for the production of chips are as follows: the process of cleaning potatoes is initiated by a potato brushing machine. Then potato peeling step is performed by a fully automated machine, and then the potatoes are fed into a special cutting machine. After cutting, it is a washing and dehydration step. Of course, the potato immediately enters the drying tunnel. After all these steps, potatoes are fried and flavored. In the end, the frying potatoes moisture is taken by a device called drying, and after testing and control, potato chips are packed.

Damirchi Industrial Company is able to offer a variety production line of regular chips, French fries and pellet chips.


The dairy industry, with about $ 7 billion in turnover, accounts for about 1.75% of the country’s GDP. The investments made in this industry are based on the natural resources of the country; therefore, the dairy industry is one of those parts of the country’s economy, which will continue to grow steadily, despite all the problems. The dairy industry in every country is important because of the direct relationship with the health of the people. In Iran, this industry is always under the banner of experts in the food industry. The study of this important food industry shows that dairy producers have entered the market in recent years, which has been welcomed by the general public.

Damirchi Industrial Company is able to design and manufacture complete dairy lines including cheese, dough, yogurt, etc., which has high efficiency, reduces losses and consumes energy and produces finest quality products.

Edible oil

Edible oils are one of the most important materials used in cooking, which their daily application rate is very high in the world. For this reason, the edible oil industry is one of the most important industries in the world today.

In Iran, edible oil has a special position and is considered to be the primary material of many other industries. Oil production capacity in the country currently exceeds 3 million tons per year, but the country’s consumption rate by 1396 was 1.5 million tons per year, reaching 1 million 700 thousand tons this year.

The consumption of various edible oils in the country has a very long history. According to statistics, various oils are very important in the consumer basket for folk. Undoubtedly, production with the use of technologies and up-to-date machinery, offers a higher quality product. This will be followed by the consumer’s satisfaction with the oil in terms of cooking, aroma, color and taste.

Damirchi Industrial Company, with its unique capabilities in the field of design and engineering, and the use of experienced experts and most upgraded machines in the world today, is able to make a full line of oil production and refining, and also degumming, bleaching, winterizing and deodorizing.

Egg liquid

Eggs are an important food source. The high amount of nutrients in the egg puts it in the best of food. Two large eggs contain about 12 grams of protein, 1.2 grams of carbohydrates, 11 grams of lipids, a significant amount of iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, K and more vitamin B compounds. A large proportion of egg whites contain a significant amount of water, with about 50% protein, niacin and riboflavin. Most vitamins and nutrients are found in egg yolks.

Clearly, it can be admitted that the intake of this food in indirect forms has a special place in the diet. These include eggs in cakes, cookies and biscuits, chocolate and candy, pasta, sauces, baby food, ice cream, meat products, processed fish, cooked dishes and … , Which accounted for a large share of egg per capita in the country.

The use of an automatic chopper egg machine, the separation of yolks and whites with acceptable measures without manual intervention, the storage of liquid obtained in all-steel tanks and equipped with cooling systems (instead of small containers, which are usually made from materials The pasteurization process, which eliminates all pathogen bacteria and the majority of saprophytic bacteria, allows the health of the processed products, the storage of the product in cold stores and even in the form of ice Strength, high shelf life, the elimination of production problems, including the need to employ a large number of manpower In the production line for egg-breaking, the promotion of the health of the products of the egg-making industry as raw material, and … all indicate the importance of the introduction of egg pasteurization technology into the country.

The use of an automatic egg breaker machine, the separation of yolks and whites with acceptable criteria without manual intervention, the storage of liquid obtained in all-steel tanks and equipped with cooling systems (Instead of small and compact containers that are usually not made from materials that are usable in the food industry) The process of pasteurization, which eliminates all pathogen bacteria and the majority of saprophytic bacteria, Possibility to carry health care of processed products, the possibility of storage the product in a cold warehouse, even frozen, high shelf life, elimination of production problems, including the necessity of using a lot of manpower in the production line for egg-breaking, improving the health level of industrial products that use eggs as raw materials … and all of all mark the high importance of the introduction of egg pasteurization technology into the country.

The stages of pasteurized liquid egg production include the following steps:

  1. Egg entry: The factory is checked by the quality control person and discharged if approved.
  2. Breaking: Separating egg yolks and whites
  3.  Filtering: Exits if shell or turf is left
  4. Cool the liquid egg by a cooler plate: The egg temperature is reduced to 4 degrees Celsius.
  5. Storage in tanks: Liquid eggs are stored in process tanks at temperatures below 4 °C.
  6. Pasteurization: To reduce the microbial load, as well as the destruction of microbial agents, including salmonella, the eggs are stored at 64 °C for 210 seconds, and after that time, the temperature is reduced to 4 °C at once. Of course, this is the temperature and time for yolks and egg mixes. For egg whites 420 seconds and 54 degrees.
  7. Storage of pasteurized product
  8. Packing: Pasteurized liquid eggs are packed in triple layers polyethylene bags, then packs in a package of 5kg.

Ice cream

Although many inventors have been struggling for their inventions and innovations for a long time, which naturally should be the same, there are also some devices and innovations that have been completely accidentally invented and whose inventors attempt to invent other things or was researching on other subjects. Ice cream is one of the most delicious meals.

Perhaps it can be said that the history of ice cream production in Iran was about 60 years ago, but in the 1330s and ’40s ice cream sales were officially found. The Ice Creams, called Alaska and Escimo, were first tested in Azerbaijan province, but were not welcomed. The industry then entered Tehran, and the Ice Cream Factory began working on ice cream around Park-e shahr area. However, the history of ice cream machinery came back to the late 40’s. At that time, along with the ice cream, they also made Falloodeh. The full-automatic production line is now being manufactured in Iran and is responsive to the needs of the internal and even other countries.

The process of ice cream design can be divided into seven stages: raw materials feeding and storage, material mixing, homogenization and pasteurization, treating based on aging durability, the addition of flavors and continuous freezing, packaging and, at last final freezing. The three-line processing is also designed for ice cream, which two lines of its, consisting of processes performed in aging tanks for primary products.

There is a group of ice creams that are produced without the need for aging tanks. These machines are specifically designed to produce ice cream to ensure the quality of the finished product. The production line is based on the type of process, the characteristics of the finished product, the type of packaging, the level of automation and other parameters affecting the quality of life and the product delivery system is different. .

Damirchi Industrial Co. is able to provide a complete range of ice cream machines including automatic fancy and wooden ice cream machines, packaging machines, freezers, filling machines, freezing tunnels, and taking into account the design, construction and installation offers the most ideal system for you.


Providing nutritional needs of human societies is one of the problems because of growth population, facing especially in developing countries. Today, the culture of the use of ready-made foods has grown as a result of changing the context of community life and new eating habits. More than 60% of European food baskets are prepared by cold foods. Ready-to-eat foods (such as Olivier salad, chicken salad, corn salad and macaroni salad) are growing as a new consumption pattern in our country. Changing the social and economic conditions of the country encourages people to eat foods that require the least time to prepare. In summary, the profitability of this production line is directly related to its production capacity.

The Olivier Salad, known as the Russian Salad in Europe and Latin America, is one of the most famous cold appetizers in the nineteenth century created by the French chef of the Hermitage Restaurant Lucien Olivier in Moscow, and gradually developed in Russia, European countries, and many other countries and reached fans from around the world. Today, prepared foods, such as Olivier, are an integral part of modern cities. Easy access, broad dissemination and low prices play an important role in expanding the use of these foods.

At Damirchi Industrial Company, all devices have warranty and after-sales service. Also, the machinery are made of stainless steel, which is easy to rinse and is made to require minimal repairs.

Sauce & Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

In cooking, tomato paste is one of the most important ingredients that are used as a permanent food additive in Iran and the world. At present, the vast majority of people use industrial tomato paste with different packaging. This product runs from farm to store to various stages.

According to the acknowledgment of nutritionists in advanced countries, “the nutritional value of industrial tomato paste is higher than homemade one”, which is why it is used to make industrial tomato paste from vacuum-evaporators at a temperature of about 60 degrees. In this case, more volumes of salts, vitamins and micronutrients of the tomatoes, especially the natural color, remain there. If, in the traditional way, a higher volume of vitamins and tomato micronutrients are destroyed by more than 100 degrees of heat, and the color stays dark.

In general, tomato paste is better than tomato in terms of lycopene levels, antioxidants and anti-cancer agents. Tomato paste is currently available in various sizes such as cans, glass, tin, and barrels of various sizes. These do not differ in terms of production and nutrients. Those that have higher Brix are better. Each product is priced according to quality factors. Tomato paste quality will be based on Brix. This term indicates the concentration of tomato paste. The denser the concentrations, the less they produce in the food, the color and taste.

Damirchi industrial company is able to supply the full line of industrial paste and machinery, including the line of tomato grains, washing and sorting, crushing of tomatoes, heating and crushing of crushed tomatoes, filtration of Tomato juice, Condensed Tomato Paste under Vacuum Bach or continuous, Filling & Capping, Pasteurizing & Packing.

Mayonnaise (cold sauce)

There are controversial stories about how this sauce originates. Many experts believe that the first time this sauce was made in a mixture of egg yolk and oil in 1756 in France. The sauce is said to have been cooked for the first time by French chefs. Many say this sauce looks like a mixture of olive oil and egg in ancient Rome, and is now available in this form. But officially, the birth of this sauce dates back to 1910, when Nina Hellman, a German immigrant in New York, created a sauce for more sales of her husband’s sandwiches. He used this sauce instead of butter in his sandwiches. He gradually made a difference in the taste of his sauce, and in 1912, he built the factory of this sauce and labeled “Best Food”.

These days Mayonnaise in all kinds of diet, high-fat, flavored and …, are abundant in the market. Mayonnaise is a very popular sauce that alone or in combination with other ingredients and sauces can make your salads or sandwiches a lot more enjoyable. Among the various ingredients that are available for a variety of foods, sauces are very popular and they can be accompanied by a variety of meat and non-meat dishes. Sauces like white sauce are used during cooking, but there are some sauces that are special for cold or sandwiches, such as mayonnaise, which has a special place in cooking.

Damirchi Industrial Co. is able to design, manufacture and implement a complete mayonnaise production line. To produce mayonnaise, the raw materials should be weighed according to the unit formulation (Formulation should be approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education), and preparations should be made if necessary, and then the mixing is done. Finally, it is homogenized by its solution and is packaged and sealed with filler in the corresponding glass.

Ketch-up (hot sauce)

Ketchup is a product made from fresh tomatoes peeled and condensed from the Lycopersicumcicuicntum family of Solanaccac, as well as tomato paste with added additives such as salt, vinegar, garlic, onions, and spices with the heat treatment method, after that filled up and stored in warm containers. Ketchup is a kind of sauce that is usually obtained from tomatoes. The main ingredients for today’s ketchup are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, sweet peppers, cloves and cinnamon. Of course, onions, celery and other spices also use in ketchup production.

Damirchi Industrial Co. is able to design, manufacture and implement a complete ketchup production line. For the production of ketchup use raw tomato, or from tomato paste with Brix of 28. If raw tomatoes are used, they must undergo washing, crushing and condensing steps, and after they have reached the desired concentration, then additives such as vinegar, raw chopped onion powder, spice mix and … are added. However, if the paste is used, then these steps are not necessary and, consequently, less machinery will be required and lower investment will be required unless ketchup production occurs in units that are the producer of tomato paste and is as a side product.