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We are interested in chips that have a regular shape and not to be broken up. One of the most lucrative and high-quality products in the agricultural industry is potato. With the advent of societies and the emergence of new technologies in the food industry, tremendous changes were made in the processing of this product from different angles. In the design of this device, one of the most important issues is the discussion of standard and output quality in the field of potato chips. The parts used in the machinery of this company are the best and highest quality on the market. In the production of potato chips, a variety of flavors can also be used. The flavors used varies according to market requirements.

In the full line of potato chips production and packaging, all stages of the production and packaging of potato chips are done entirely automatically. The steps in the production line for the production of chips are as follows: the process of cleaning potatoes is initiated by a potato brushing machine. Then potato peeling step is performed by a fully automated machine, and then the potatoes are fed into a special cutting machine. After cutting, it is a washing and dehydration step. Of course, the potato immediately enters the drying tunnel. After all these steps, potatoes are fried and flavored. In the end, the frying potatoes moisture is taken by a device called drying, and after testing and control, potato chips are packed.

Damirchi Industrial Company is able to offer a variety production line of regular chips, French fries and pellet chips.


Damirchi Industrial Co. Machinery & Equipment

For Chips & Snacks Production

 French Fries                                                                                                                     Regular Chips

Brazing machine                                                                                                              Full automatic potato sorting machine

Fully automatic potato washing machine                                                                      Full automatic potato washing machine

Steam Peeler machine                                                                                                    Fully automatic CONTINUOUS 8-roller

All-Steel Hydro Pump                                                                                                      (Peeling machine (Swedish PPM model

All stainless steel Starch extraction machine with all relevant items                          Spiral roll form and Checking table

All steel blencher with all relevant accessories                                                             (Continuous 8 blade slicer machine (FAM Belgium

Cool water coating system                                                                                             STARCH GETTING device

all steel fryer continues with converters & temperature control systems                   Turbo-Lane blencher machine with converter and accessories

Lubricating machine                                                                                                        pond container device

IQF device                                                                                                                        Fryer continues with heat exchanger

Pre cool device                                                                                                                Lubricating machine

Belt sorting machine

Drum flavor spray machine


Pellet chips

Primary vibration mixer tank

All-steel screw lift

Full steel hopper tank

Pastry Drum

Water injection system

Sheeter machine

Printing & molding machine

Continues fryer with filtration and temperature control system

Sort out come products in ordered row

Flavor spray


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