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Damirchi Industrial Group, established its continuous and valuable work with the aim of improving the quality level and standards of operation in the field of designing, manufacturing, installing and setting up machinery and equipment in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This company, utilizing many years of successful knowledge and experience in hundreds of domestic and foreign projects and also committed and expert force, defines and runs from the beginning to the end of way in large-scale industrial projects.

Damirchi Industrial Co. is a leading Iranian company operating in the design and manufacturing of modern machinery and its products are capable of producing various capacities and high speed and efficiency.

Damirchi Industrial Company, with telephone and in person meetings with customers, offers different plans for implementation of different production lines, and if the final agreement is reached, will take the necessary steps to fully set up the production line. Visiting the construction site of the customer’s factory, Implementation of the infrastructure required for the production line, such as the installation of the powerhouse, facilities, piping, locating the machinery and manufacturing them is part of the company’s actions.